12 Best Gay Anal Sex Toys (Most Popular)

When it comes to gay sex toys, there are almost too many options to choose from.

12 Best Gay Anal Sex Toys (Most Popular)

Some could be too expensive, and others might not live up to expectations. – Therefore, we researched the most popular anal toys for gay men, then broke it down to the best available now.

Without a doubt, we’d recommend these adult products to intensify intimate sensations. Keep your mind open as you look through them since every one of the prostate massagers here is amazing!

Overview of the best anal sex toys:

1. Anal Training Kits

Anal Training Kits

Butt Plug Kits are a good starting point for any gay man who’s new to anal sex. Not only that, but they’re also stylish with sparkly gems. Of course, the prolonged sexual stimulation feels amazing too!

Insert the smallest toy, then work your way up to a medium before attempting the largest one. Eventually, you’ll be to comfortably wear huge butt plugs! Since they come in a variety of sizes, it’s useful for easing yourself or a gay partner into anal play.

Shop for Anal Toy Kits


  • Hands-free gay anal toys
  • Tapered tips for easy entry
  • Can be worn extensively


  • Lack of vibrating kits
  • Only a few have gems
  • Limited on color options

2. Prostate Massagers

Satisfy Anal Vibrator

Prostate Massagers directly stimulate the male P-Spot through anal play. In most cases, they also vibrate, which adds to the remarkable, prostate-trembling pleasure.

As a matter of fact, it’s the best gay sex toy for having an anal orgasm! Many are waterproof too, including the vibrating ones. So that makes it an ideal toy for shower play or loading them up with lots of water-based lube.

Want mind-blowing anal stimulation?Then take it slow with a prostate massager!

Shop for Prostate Toys


  • Waterproof, body-safe
  • Best anal toy for gay men
  • Rechargeable, long-lasting


  • Some need batteries
  • Cleaning after every use
  • Not all of them vibrate

3. Cock Ring Plugs

Cock Ring Plugs

Cock Ring Plugs combine three sensations by stimulating the penis, testicles, and anus. Without any pumping or stroking involved, it’s totally hands-free.

Slip one of these gay anal toys on by fitting the balls through, then your entire shaft. Afterward, reach around and squeeze in the booty part to securely lock yourself up. Now use a cock ring plug for sex while also giving yourself anal sensations!

Shop for Anal Sex Toys


  • Hits all sensitive spots
  • Completely hands-free
  • Instantly enhances sex


  • Loose if its too small
  • Hit-or-miss type of product
  • Must be worn properly

4. Starter Anal Dildos

Starter Anal Dildos

Dildos are a key part of any gay guy’s anal toy collection. If you haven’t used one, then it’s best to start out with an average-size first. In fact, you’ll always want to loosen up before riding a bigger toy as a rule of thumb.

Usually, someone new to anal will end up buying a dildo with an overly hard exterior. Since that’s a common mistake by beginners, it’s good to know all of the gay sex toys by Risque Fetish are top quality.

So treat yourself to an anal dildo for starters!

Shop for Anal Dildos


  • Must-have as a gay toy
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Pegging harness compatible


  • Not for deep anal sex
  • Having patience to cum
  • Might not be enough girth

5. Huge Dildos for Anal

Huge Dildos for Anal

Big Dildos could be the best solution for submissive gay guys to feel anally filled up. No matter what, they’ll provide tender prostate pressure alongside smooth, fulfilling pumping.

And we’re talking about dildos with an insertable length of at least 8-inches. But don’t forget thickness too because that’ll make your back arch in submission.

Nothing is the same as a huge dildo pegging you from behind!

Shop for Huge Dildos


  • Strong suction cup for riding
  • Popular submissive gay toys
  • Lifelike penis head and shaft


  • Lube required so it fits
  • Anal beginners stray away
  • Big dildos are less affordable

6. Realistic Gay Dildos

Realistic Gay Dildos

Lifelike Dildos from Risque Fetish Toys both look and feel like the real thing. They also go in smoothly, which is good since a badly designed one can irritate those sensitive spots.

When you have the best gay sex toys, you’re guaranteed a more pleasurable experience. For someone who’s tight or brand-new to anal play, we recommend an average-size dildo. Before attempting a cock that has thick girth, you’ll want to make sure you’re stretched out first.

But that can be a fun goal to give yourself!

Shop for Realistic Dildos


  • Looks and feels realistic
  • High-quality, many sizes
  • Shades of lifelike colors


  • Top brands can get pricey
  • Uncomfortable if not lubed
  • Stretching out for big ones

7. Dildos With Balls

Dildos With Balls

Dildos With Balls make you feel as if a real gay man’s cock is pounding you. And it’s almost shocking at how flexible a sex toy like this can be! Just use them during a regular jerk-off session for a more sensual experience.

Although the product images show erect dildos, they’re able to fully bend in rhythm to your body. Unlike most, the ones with balls are compatible with strap-ons for pegging too.

Bored of the same ol’ silicone dicks?Then try a dildo that has balls for an ultra-realistic ride!

Shop for Dildos w/ Balls


  • Most realistic gay toys
  • Highly flexible, yet firm
  • Securely attached balls


  • Limited sex positions
  • Bigger than they look
  • Mostly only for riding

8. Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators are considered the best type of gay sex toys for hands-free climaxes. That’s right, without touching yourself! When purchasing one, there are a lot of different types to decide from.

For example, you could buy a body wand or even a vibrating dildo. As a gay male, it’s better to get a toy you’re able to insert anally, such as prostate massagers and butt plugs. But traditional vibes that women enjoy can still be an incredible way of cumming too!

Shop for Anal Vibrators


  • Powerful vibrations
  • Hands-free anal orgasms
  • Most are USB rechargeable


  • Not as affordable
  • Hard to make a choice
  • Some require AA batteries

9. Luxury P-Spot Toys

Luxury P-Spot Toys

Premium P-Spot Toys aren’t as popular because of their high price tags. However, it’s almost always worth spending more for spine-tingling, toe-curling orgasms!

After all, luxury sex toys are built to last, in addition to giving the most satisfying climaxes. With features like waterproof vibrations and multi-speed pulsing, the benefits speak for themselves.

Have a male chastity device?Well, prostate toys could be a way to have anal orgasms while locked up too!

Shop for P-Spot Toys


  • Pulsing features
  • Cum from anal play
  • Best prostate sex toys


  • Lack of color variety
  • One size for everyone
  • Expensive adult products

10. Dildos for Gay Men

Dildos for Gay Men

Gay Dildos are recommended for beginners at anal play. Rather than going straight into big sex toys and prostate massagers, just start off slow.

You’ll also learn a lot about yourself, like if you want more length, girth, or a different texture. That way, your next dildo purchase will be an informed decision. At the same time, it could take a little bit to get accustomed to a certain size, then later, you might crave a huge gay cock!

Shop for Gay Dildos


  • Sizes for all gay men
  • Lots of popular brands
  • Multiple colors available


  • May not totally fill you up
  • Sizing requires sorting filters
  • Many choices, indecisiveness

11. Big Black Dildos

Big Black Dildos

BBC Dildos provide a new level of submissive gay feelings. If you’re a bottom, there’s nothing as fulfilling as a big black silicone cock, especially when it looks like a real one!

While shopping for a lifelike sex toy, it’s surprising how many colors are available too. For example, there are realistic options like flesh, tanned, brown, and dark black. Alternatively, pick a stylish tint, such as pink, purple, or even a rainbow tone for gay pride.

Shop for Black Dildos


  • Flexible with suction cup
  • Best gay toys for bottoms
  • Just like a real black dong


  • Tricky to fit if you’re tight
  • Definitely not very discreet
  • Needing a lot of lubrication

12. Jeweled Butt Plugs

Jeweled Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs will give you anal thrills and prepare a tight ass for large gay prostate toys. Not to mention, sex toys with gems at the base are a stylish submissive accessory.

Want to drastically improve your jerk-off routine? – Then try a butt plug while masturbating for hands-free anal sensations! In fact, they’re the perfect kind of spice to include in a gay couple’s sex life.

Overall, jeweled plugs are a good combination of pleasure and anal training.

Shop for Butt Plugs


  • Not too big or small
  • Highly popular gay toy
  • Sexy & stylish anal probe


  • Not as much stimulation
  • For use alongside other toys
  • Buying several size upgrades

Conclusion to Our Top List

Whether it’s with a partner or you’re using them alone, adult toys can enhance your sex life. Ultimately, they heighten sensations, leading to more fulfilling orgasms and better satisfaction.

After looking over our list, we hope you’ve discovered the right anal sex toy for you. No matter if it’s your first adult product, or you’re an avid collector, these are the best ones for gay males.

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